I have a biracial daughter. Me and her father have raised her to know her worth as an individual and her heritage from both sides. We knew society would want to define her by her race, which is a construct that divides, rather than her ethnicity. Therefore, we made conscience decisions to educate her on all facets of her heritage. We did not want her to feel like she had to choose one part of her identity over another. While society labels her as black (even though she is very light skinned), she is strong enough to defy anything or anyone who wants to label her as one or the other. Ask her and she will tell you she is “mixed”, black and white, and according to her parents, she is the most beautiful brown. She will also tell you that she gets to experience the best and worst of both worlds.

How can you ask me to choose to be either black or white?
Don’t you understand if I choose one I deny the other
and in doing so I deny a part of myself?

I refuse to choose just to pacify you and your narrow-minded
view. My color does not define me and neither can you.

I am beautiful and strong because I know who I am.
I will not conform to your perception of who you think I should be.
I am so much more that the color of my skin.

Accept me as I am or turn and walk away, because I don’t have
the time or the energy to play your color game.

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