When life seems overwhelming or the stress of the day is wearing me down, I turn to God and nature to find peace.

The Creator and creation together bring beauty, life, and purpose into perspective. I can breathe easily in this place. It is as if every breath I take gives me strength, so I purposefully inhale the breath of life slowly and deeply. Every time I exhale, I release the toxicity of the world that has built up in my troubled mind and heart.

There is an unseen energy that infiltrates my soul when I escape the madness of everyday life to pause and listen to the sounds of nature. Whether it is the wind whispering in the trees (this is my favorite), birds chirping, water lapping the shore or frogs singing in a swamp, the sound rejuvenates my mind and peace settles within me.

Everything in nature complements its surroundings. There are no wrong colors, shapes, or sizes. Everything is as it should be. Even when disaster strikes, I can still find beauty in the power and majesty of nature.

There is a cycle to all life. Nature reminds me that life and death have purpose and that the seasons in between are intended to be stunning and beautiful in every way.

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