Have you ever been asked the question “who are you” or “tell me about yourself”? If you are like me, there were times when the answer rolled off your tongue as smoothly as saying your name, but then there were other times when you were at a loss for words. For me, it often depended on the situation, who was asking and why.

The struggle to confidently define who I was as an individual compelled me to dig deep within myself to expose my place of authenticity. To tune into my truth, I had to mentally strip away the external influences of society that have tried to define me or tell me who I should be. This was not an easy process because society is always trying to define you by:

  • the work you do,
  • titles or degrees you hold,
  • how much money you make,
  • your ethnicity,
  • your sexuality, and
  • your religion.

This labeling and categorizing of people by society is both shallow and flawed because it focuses on the external, rather than who you are at the core of your being.

Your authenticity resides within the core of your being. It is here where you are most vulnerable. To tap into your authentic self, you must first strip away the external foci of society. Who you are is not what you do. Who you are is not what you have achieved and who you are is not your title or any of the many roles you play as a wife, mother, husband, father, child, coach, volunteer and etcetera. Who you are at the core of your being impacts all these things and more, but they do not define your authentic self.

So, where does that leave you when asked the question “who are you”? To answer the question, you must lean into your character, values, and passions. It might take you a little bit of time to fully define who you are as an individual, but I promise you the time will be well spent.

Who am I?

  • “I am a strong, compassionate woman who strives to live with integrity in everything I do and say.
  • I am a creative who looks at life through the lenses of positivity, beauty, and love.
  • I am an introvert who enjoys intimate conversations with friends and the peace and solitude found in nature.
  • I am a global thinker who focuses on details while keeping the whole in perspective.
  • I am a woman of faith who relies on God daily.

Now that you know who I am, I would love to know who you are!

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